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For the Love of Beauty

The Kraed

Captivated by a beast…

When Uzuri Kimwei tracks her father’s missing scout ship to a desolate planet, she finds an empty wreckage and no sign of her family… until a towering alien kidnaps her. She’s completely unprepared for the hard right turn her life takes. Or the way the presence of the mysterious stranger who blends with the shadows makes her feel.

Imprisoned by his enemies in a barren wasteland, Grimdar has a singular focus — survive. But Uzuri’s beauty and courage enchants him, making him dream of more. Reuniting her with her family puts her in his debt, but he cannot claim the freedom she offers. Leaving his prison would result in his execution.

Can he convince her to stay? Or will her departure force him to choose between a swift death or a lifetime of solitude?

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